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Top 5 Reasons to Support the Better City Superior Exposition District Referendum

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Rendering of potential building projects that the Better City Superior Exposition District could fund, including a theater, a convention center and an indoor recreation center.

In the November 2016 election Superior voters passed the referendum with just over 75% of the vote supporting this initiative. Now it’s time to send a message to Madison that we want the tools to help Superior grow and prosper!

What is an exposition district?

An exposition district is an area allowed to collect its own taxes on tourism-related spending. This includes food and beverage, and lodging. The money is used to fund development projects that increase visitors and spending in the city, like stadiums, convention centers and movie theaters.

Why you should support the Better City Superior Exposition District

An exposition district would:

  1. Create new jobs and reduce unemployment.
  2. Increase recreation and entertainment options – venues like a theater, a convention center, and an indoor recreation center. Exposition districts have proved effective in other communities, including Milwaukee, which has successfully used an exposition district since 1994 to support and build the city’s tourism industry (including opening around 1,500 new downtown hotel rooms), create and sustain jobs, boost the regional economy, and stimulate community pride.
  3. Keep tourist dollars in our own community.
  4. Ensure that tourist dollars help build the community through tourism-related business (a half-percent sales tax on prepared food and beverage, and a 2 percent tax on lodging). For locals who don't spend money on lodging, we're talking a nickel for every $10 you spend at a restaurant. The majority of the costs would be borne by tourists.  
  5. Boost Superior’s economy by keeping young people in the area and attracting visitors and new businesses.
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