Better City of Superior


Progress to continue

With your help we made great progress this legislative session.

Superior’s exposition district received its first ever legislative hearing on Jan. 30. A large contingency of Superior voters traveled to Madison in support of the bill, SB727, and many more emailed and called legislators to lend their voice to the effort. This continued demonstration of grassroots community support is critically important to our legislative efforts.

We had many conversations with legislators to explain how the expo district will benefit Superior and the entire state, without requiring statewide taxpayer support.

On March 14, the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Small Business and Tourism passed our bill by a vote of 8-1. This is a major accomplishment and was achieved through hard work from many in our community.

After a bill passes through a Senate committee, the next step is a full Senate vote. However, state Senate GOP rules require the support of at least 17 GOP senators for a bill to be added to the Senate calendar. SB727 did not meet that requirement at this time, so the bill will not be heard on the Senate floor this session.

We end this legislative session in good position to continue making progress next year. We are meeting with key members of the GOP Senate caucus now to help them understand the importance of Superior’s expo district, so they will be familiar with its benefits when they consider it next year.

Please share your support whenever possible and help us spread the word that Superior wants, and needs, this important economic development tool.

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