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Better City is a team of industry professionals from Ogden, Utah, with a proven track record of major economic redevelopment, job recruiting and revenue generation. They create and implement economic development strategies that will be designed around our community's specific needs and strengths.

Visit their website at www.bettercity.us for more detailed information.

Making Our Region the Best It Can Be

Better City Superior is a group of citizens and businesses working to grow and enhance our community. Established by Superior Mayor Bruce Hagen in late 2013, we are a nonprofit grassroots organization that is local, privately led and privately funded. Our vision is to ensure that Superior has a future as bright as the people who live here.

Current Focus: Better City Superior Exposition District

Over the past three years, we have been working with economic development experts and citizens to brainstorm and research ideas to help Superior grow. We came up with the Better City Superior exposition district, a public/private initiative aimed at redeveloping downtown Superior.

An exposition district is an area allowed to collect its own taxes on tourism-related spending. This includes food and beverage, lodging, and rental cars. The money is used to fund development projects that increase visitors and spending in the city, like stadiums, convention centers and movie theaters. The initiative is currently in the referendum stage, where Superior residents are being asked to vote YES on the November 8 general election ballot to move the exposition district forward.

A Bright Future Ahead

Superior is filled with people who truly care about each other and who want to ensure that our community has a prosperous future. Superior is a great place to live, work and play, and with the help of our state legislators, we can attract private investments, create more jobs and produce more revenue for our region. Our community will grow as a result of it, and Wisconsin will be stronger because of it.

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