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Better City is a team of industry professionals from Ogden, Utah, with a proven track record of major economic redevelopment, job recruiting and revenue generation. They create and implement economic development strategies that will be designed around our community's specific needs and strengths.

Visit their website at www.bettercity.us for more detailed information.

Better City Superior Welcomes You!

The appeal of our city is easy to understand. It's located on the shores of Lake Superior, with countless recreational venues, including year-round sporting events, breathtaking scenery and home to the University of Wisconsin. However, issues such as empty storefronts, the lack of housing and lower job development and retention have highlighted the importance of bringing a professional team into our city to address the diverse needs of our changing community.

'Better City Superior' is a campaign that was created in late 2013 to reach out to business leaders and business, in general, in the city of Superior to develop the resources needed to grow and enhance our community and the quality of life that we can be proud of.

Over the next 24 months, we will be engaged by Matthew Godfrey and his team from Better City LLC, headquartered in Ogden, Utah. During this time, Matthew will be meeting with business leaders in Superior to learn more about what's missing, what's needed and who we are as a 'family' unit. We are very fortunate that Matthew and his team have chosen Superior as a place that he believes has 'the sky is the limit' potential, and we ask that you support and welcome Better City to our city with enthusiasm along with assertive involvement.

If you have not yet received an invitation to be a part of the Better City Superior cause, please click on the pledge card below and be a part of making Superior a Better City!


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